Kubernetes for Crypto Banking

Toledo Labs has built cloud native infrastructure for web3 services on Google’s open source virtualization system Kubernetes. This modern cloud will not only provide high availability for our web3 services, the security architecture will be a zero trust information system, throttling the eBPF kernels instruction set for network monitoring. Our automated proprietary installation, PKI and network policy will allow us to quickly respond to threats and adapt or heal our infrastructure if an intrusion is detected.

Legacy firewall configures layer 3/4 on the OSI stack. This or that port or IP may be blocked or allowed. However, on a micro services framework such as Kubernetes this firewall can extend to the application layer. Actions may be limited on a specific micro service (ex: allows puts but not post) and on a whitelist of clients. With Cilium our clusters will have restrictive firewall policies operating on both L3/4 and L7. Our proprietary kubernetes automation and workloads will provide enterpise-grade security and availability to our business customers.