Hispanic Heritage And its True Celebration

What is the true celebration of Hispanic heritage? Let’s dive into this topic from an engineering perspective and then tie it back to the celebration of Hispanic heritage. Without truth engineering systems cannot operate, engineering at its core is the discovery of solutions in a predefined solution space (the universe) and the mechanism which brings about this discovery is the search for truth. In today’s landscape of ideologies one may ask the question, what is truth? Let’s start from the premise that two forces exist in this universe and that is good vs evil or creation vs destruction or positive vs negative as on a battery terminal. On this single premise we can build up our understanding of truth. For example is this a true statement?

A missile defense system protects life from incoming missiles, therefore it is good.

Every system designed and deployed leans in either serving creation or destruction. A water irrigation system enables life by growing the food supply, therefore it serves creation. A missile defense system protects a population from incoming missiles, therefore it serves creation. Or does it? The difference is a water irrigation system doesn’t need an opposing destructive force “the missile” to operate and one could ask what is a missile defense system without incoming missiles to intercept? Man could make the choice to destroy it altogether or configure it into a missile targeting system in which case it would now be a force of destruction without question. But if the missile was never created neither would the need to defend against the missile. Therefore one can say all missile systems serve destruction with some at a greater degree than others and those who destroy for the preservation of life are not evil and those who destroy as a means to an end are. This is truth discovery at its very basics. The ability to reason or Logos.

Truth is not a spectrum of opinions. You have your truth and I have mine, instead this ML classification would be destruction. There is only “the truth” to be discovered and God the greatest conscious in this universe has graced us with this possibly through his divine law (natural law) so that man may be redeemed and saved, since he has a fallen conscious or soul and thus outside of God’s spiritual kingdom. This is a supernatural reality everyone has to eventually grasp. The Catholic church’s 2000 year history was and is in the business of discovering the truth (natural law).

A defense engineer who builds a new software framework for agility and cost reduction has to find this solution using his logos.

This applied science research is a search for truth in this material 3rd dimension but it is not “the truth” which is in a supernatural reality, the answers on salvation or eternal life after death. Logos initiates the enlightenment of self through divine intervention, only possible with grace and the word. Rational thought ultimately leads to God the light and the truth. The point is, his solution was discovered with reason and is not an opinion, and neither is the truth.

But how does this all relate to Hispanic heritage and its true celebration? Is there such a thing? You have your celebration and I have mine and it doesn’t matter as long as you are happy. With the above we can conclude this statement as truth:

A culture and its people cannot survive without it serving good, creation and the truth. If it serves destruction as a means to an end or evil, overtime it will cease to exist.

Aristotle in Nicomachean Ethics simplifies this truth with:

“Evil destroys even itself”

Therefore, I ask, is the glorification of the young Latina in the workplace a celebration of Hispanic heritage? For example a social media post of her with a clipboard leading a production assembly line. Would this advertisement relate to anything from her family history which has propagated her bloodline to be present in that moment in time for the photo op? Is this serving the creation or destruction of her lineage? Or is it neither?

This message does not promote God and family the core foundation of Hispanic culture and its Catholic roots. A culture grounded in the truth for centuries resulting in a population of ~500 million world wide. Instead, it promotes destruction.

A genocidal plan by corporate overlords and fiat central planners on Latin peoples. At the top of the financial hierarchy are predators who seek to exploit the life force of the fertile Latina for their own profits and diabolical cosmic order. Advertising to her demographic of success! and riches :money_with_wings: if she submits to her corporate male boss instead of a loving husband with children. Destruction of the Latin family is its purpose, it does not celebrate anything Hispanic at all. Instead it seeks to set a new upside down culture by destroying the traditional Catholic roles of man and woman.

Speaking of Christianity is hostile towards LGBTQ, therefore it is off limits. Whereas diversity and inclusion is good for humanity because it gives everyone a chance to succeed.

Using logos we can uproot the deception. Diversity and inclusion is a cult, these ideas are from the other gods, the enemy of the God of gods. The removal of free choice and thought, total obedience is required or else. The glorification of the young Latina in the workplace is an ideology that runs counter to God’s natural hierarchy. Therefore, when they say only diversity and inclusion is allowed here, it means Christianity is not because those ideas can’t compete with truth. If there is light then darkness cannot rule. It’s a cult that rejects any race or gender if they are Christian.

Truth, neither side can include the other and it has nothing to do with race or gender, but spirituality

All of the following are true statements on the diversity and inclusion cult:

  • It is the enemy of Natural Law
  • It is the enemy of Christianity
  • It is the enemy of The Family
  • It is the enemy of The Patriarchy and The Church
  • It is the enemy of The Word
  • It is the enemy of the Holy Spirit
  • It is the enemy of God

The religion of the other gods is despised here at Toledo Labs and will never be tolerated. There are only two genders male and female determined at birth, traditional gender roles are the norm not the exception. This truth is a God given right under natural law and any force that seeks to destroy our way of life for centuries will be treated as an enemy of all Christian peoples. Continuing …

But inflation has destroyed the purchasing power of a man’s wage, therefore he cannot support a wife and children on a single income.

This egregious assault on human life and on men will be discussed in a later post, but this crime doesn’t refute the truth illustrated here.

I will say this with confidence and will back this up in a later post with data. A woman who serves her husband and children as the caretaker, chief planner and advisor (natural law), not only gives her the happiest life, but enables the household to generate more wealth by increasing the productivity of her husband. But most important, is the raising of children, not decoupled from their mother. More of this on a later post.